Himalayan Salt Lamps Melbourne: Lighting Up Dark Spaces with Matchless Vibrance


Light up all the dark and dull areas in your homes through Himalayan Salt Lamps Melbourne products’ matchless vibrancy and creativity! The beauty and splendour of Himalayan salt lamps goes beyond its luminous and appealing exterior. Shake off all your reservations and prepare yourself to unveil the glittery wonders of Himalayan salt lamps!.

How Himalayan Salt Lamps Are Made

Take a glimpse of how these remarkable gleaming Himalayan salt lamps are made! Crafted from the foothills of the Himalayas, these pure and untouched salt minerals aids in cleansing the air we breathe in addition to making our homes radiate calmness and shine with glamour! Himalayan Salt Lamps Melbourne products are meticulously hand carved by artisans from large salt crystals. A hollow space is left inside the carved salt crystal which is allocated for the light bulb to be placed into. Either a light bulb or a candle is then placed inside the carved salt crystal. A thorough evaluation and series of quality tests which completes the set for it to be categorized as a high quality Himalayan salt lamp.

Himalayan Salt Lamps’ Colours and Its Corresponding Meanings

Live life in vivid colours! Himalayan Salt Lamps Melbourne’s salt lamps are made available in various shades and colours. Each colour represents different meanings that will help you which Himalayan salt lamp colour fits your needs. Blue coloured Himalayan salt lamps signifies peace, order, and tranquillity while orange Himalayan salt lamps facilitates a feeling of safety and security. Yellow Himalayan salt lamps enhances cognitive abilities and intellectual comprehension while red Himalayan salt lamps embodies vital life force and energy. Green salt lamps represents life and nature. If you need a Himalayan salt lamp that symbolizes love, passion, and relationship, you should choose pink coloured Himalayan salt lamps. Go for white Himalayan salt lamps if you need something that embodies cleanliness, purity, and clarity. Brown Himalayan salt lamps signifies balance, humility, and modesty.

The table below shows the summary of Himalayan salt lamps colours and its corresponding meanings.




Blue Peace, Order, Tranquillity
Green Life, Nature
Orange Safety, Security
Yellow Enhanced cognitive abilities
Red Life force, Energy
Pink Love, Passion, Relationship
White Cleanliness, Purity, Clarity
Brown Balance, Humility, Modesty

What makes Himalayan salt lamps more special than regular lamps is its unique capability to act as an air purifier, natural dehumidifier, and luminous art décor all at the same time. Countless individuals have seen the magnificent properties of Himalayan salt lamps which goes beyond its alluring physique. People fell in love with Himalayan salt lamps for many reasons. Go get yourselves one of Himalayan Salt Lamps Melbourne well-famed salt lamps and discover for yourself what these dazzling reasons are!